Guitar against Guitar

A preview article in Ha’aretz for Nadav’s premier with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra” (original article in Hebrew).

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Gapple Gate Guitar and Bass Blog

The music is contemporary avant and uniformly worthwhile. The guitar work is excellent and sometimes even astonishing. Lev is a master!

If you want to be exposed to something exceptional and have a sense of adventure, New Strings Attached gives you all of that without fail!

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The pieces were varied in length, style, instrumentation, and techniques. All were of high quality. Guitarist Nadav Lev, the Mivos String Quartet, and sopranos Re’ut Ben Ze’ev and Lihanne Aharony, gave outstanding performances

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Zibeline (original article in French)

Succès publics en Hautes-Alpes!
By Jacques Freschel
July 18, 2015

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YNet (original article in Hebrew)

Breaking Boundaries –
Kibbutz childhood to Carnegie Hall in New York
By Orly Santo
June 27, 2012

“Nadav Lev is a gifted guitarist and composer who performed in the US, Israel and Europe. After being here for seven year New york is already a second home to him, but his primary home has been and always will be the kibbutz.”
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Classical Guitar Magazine

Letter from New York

by Julia Crowe
April 08, 2008

“ISRAELI-NATIVE and Manhattan School of Music graduate Nadav Lev debuted at Carnegie Hall this year, demonstrating his musical versatility with a program which included solo pieces and ensemble work… Lev is clearly a talented and engagingly musical performer when playing both solo and as a chamber musician. …his stage presence is entirely gracious and personable.”
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Nadav Lev

Classical Guitar Magazine

Reviews… Private Release

by Steve Marsh
October 2008

“…here is a CD to savour and delight in. His playing is of the utmost authority and the entire programme is a sheer delight from start to finish.”

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Nadav LevNew York Music Daily

Haunting Spanish-Jewish Sounds from Ljuba Davis
June 11, 2012

“The album’s opening track begins with layers of ringing bouzouki and gentle, flamenco-tinged acoustic guitar by Nadav Lev – who’s a one-man flamenco/Middle Eastern army here – and then suddenly explodes into a chromatic gypsy tune, the guitar, bouzouki and oud alternating voices artfully over terse bass, clattering percussion and then a scampering oud solo. Scalerica sets Bulgarian tonalities over a galloping levantine melody while Morenica sways elegantly, its intertwining guitar and bouzouki spiraling upward with lightning, filigreed precision.”
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Nadav Lev

Yedi’ot America
(American version of Israel’s best selling newspaper)

By Shahar Fernheimer

“Nadav Lev was given his first guitar at the age of 9, and it led him through the different stages life has created for him, and those he created for himself: Kibbutz Nahshon, Thelma Yelin High School for the Arts, New York. On Sunday, February 3rd, while most of the US will be consuming millions of gallons of beer in front of the Superball, Nadav will walk up the stage of the prestigious Carnegie Hall, for a moment that for him represent a highlight, but also a hope to the beginning of something much bigger.”

Nadav Lev

The Jewish Week

Sketches of Spain

By George Robinson
February 1, 2008

Nadav Lev

The Village Voice

Live: Ljuba Davis Leads Her
Masterful Combo At Drom

By Carol Cooper
Junio 18, 2012

Nadav Lev sometimes added bass bottom notes on guitar, but for the most part strummed energetic harmonies against Rachid Halihal’s nimble oud and Avram Pengas’s trebley, greek-influenced bouzouki runs.
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